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Try out new tools and access previous releases of Autodesk easily. Switching to AutoCAD 2018 has never been easier.


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SHX text recognition tool 

PDF import functionality gets better

Easily Fix Broken Paths For External File References 

Freely navigate around your drawing while selecting objects

Text to Mtext enhancements

What's new in AutoCAD 2018


Free AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Infopack

SHX text recognition tool 
Quickly convert imported PDF geometry to text objects. The SHX text recognition tool analyzes clusters of geometry and automatically replaces them with Mtext objects.

PDF import functionality gets better. 
See thumbnail previews of PDF files before importing, and get improved scaling of PDF geometry from layouts.

Easily Fix Broken Paths For External File References
External reference paths now default to relative, helping to reduce broken paths. Easily find and apply the correct path to missing references. 

Freely navigate around your drawing while selecting objects. 
Selected objects stay in the selection set even if you pan or zoom off screen.

Text to Mtext enhancements 
Mtext objects can now be selected along with text objects. Character codes translate correctly, with formatting inferred.

AutoCAD 2018 is the most flexible and cost-effective way to access and manage your design, engineering, and software tools


Free AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Infopack

Create stunning designs and improve collaboration with innovative productivity tools in AutoCAD® software.

What's new in AutoCAD 2018

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You don't need to be always online to use the software. 
The software runs on your computer and not on the web. You only need to have an internet connection initially to install the software and connect to the internet every 30 days to revalidate your license.

Files and projects are saved locally.
You will retain all of your local data even if you decide that you no longer wish to subscribe.

Access the latest version of Autodesk and all the latest updates. 
As a subscriber, you even have access to previous software versions.

Multiple users can share networked licenses.
This option is available even if you need to use AutoCAD, but you can't connect to the internet.

Reasons to get AutoCAD 2018

What People Are Saying About AutoCAD 2018

Because I'm a sole proprietor and a one-person LLC, I need to be able to put work out quickly. AutoCAD has been really instrumental because I can change floor plans easily and send it to the contractor instead of having to hand-draw the floor plan. It is one expense for your business that is so worth it.

Interior Designer, Chansaerae Designs

We do all of our drawings in AutoCAD, and all of our standards are set up in it from detailing through lineweights and page sizes. It really is an integral part of our business... we have used AutoCAD to organize all the ways we put together drawings and communicate with other consultants.

Senior Associate Vice President, CallisonRTKL

With AutoCAD mobile, I could use the phone [and document] how big the door was and how far it was along the wall. It was better than walking around with a clipboard with the drawing. I was able to complete the initial drawing of the school’s library and do it all in about four hours.

Architectural and Engineering Services Drafter,
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
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